Fred Frees is very familiar with voiceover. His father was voice legend, Paul Frees. And his mother, Joy Terry, was an actress, agent, and voice teacher. Fred began acting in grade-school plays and once appeared in a TV commercial for Incredible Edibles, and can be heard on Joey Forman's comedy album The Mashuganishi Yogi. He continued performing in drama classes at Walter Reed Junior High School, Interlochen Arts Academy, Hollywood High School, and North Hollywood High School. At the same time, he also directed several plays while producing and directing his own movies, and performing for the Shakespeare Society of America.
He began voiceover by studying with Joy Terry, Charlie Adler, and joined an improv group in Santa Monica. He later studied with David Babich, Laurel van der Linde, Eliza Jane Schneider, Brian Cummings, Mary Lynn Wissner, Marc Cashman, and attended the Actor's Boot Camp in North Hollywood as well as the AIA Actor's Studio in Burbank, Ca.


"Fred has a tremendously talented voice. When he did my book (The Scientific Worldview, 2007, iUniverse), Fred sounded like the voice of authority. If I had any doubts about anything I had written, they were all removed by Fred's inflection and sense of pacing. He did it just as I intended it to be. He actually understood material that is considered difficult for most folks--E = mc^2 anyone? In addition, Fred is wonderful to work with. You won't go wrong in choosing Fred for voice work."

Glenn Borchardt, Ph.D.
Director of the Progressive Science Institute
"Your rendition stands apart from the plethora of recordings of Verne. You opened Chanteleine more to younger readers than I might have thought possible."

Brian Taves
VP of the North American Jules Verne Society, on "
The Count of Chanteleine" audiobook
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