• Warner Elektra Atlantic Studios
     - Calibration Tape
• E-Learning
     - "Diago" - voice of Carl
• E-Learning
     - "Dessert Ingredients" - voice of Blake
     - "Chemical Bonding Puzzle" - voice of Joey
     - "Metropower" - voice of Kevin
     - "Price of Non-Conformance" - voice of Adam
• The Cartoon Network
   Ads, Contests, Promos, and Radio Spots
     - Morocco Mole
     - Secret Squirrel
     - Boris Badenov
• Pillsbury
   Test Spots and Animatics
     - Pillsbury Doughboy
• Disneyland and Disneyworld Interactive Kiosks
   30th & 33rd Anniversaries
     - Main Disney Parks
     - Pirates of the Caribbean
     - Ghost Host - Haunted Mansion
• The Humane Society
     - Announcer
• Regional Hospital
     - Announcer
• StarCars: Knight Rider Reproduction
     - Voice of K.A.R.R.
• Progressive Science Institute
   Powerpoint Presentation
     - "Universal Cycle Theory"
• North American Jules Verne Society
• Bear Manor Media
• Hermit Kingdom Press


• Clem's Contrivance: The Apocalyptic Rifle Book 1 – Ron Foster
• Dracula Meets Jack the Ripper – Michael B. Druxman
• Mel Blanc: The Man of 1000 Voices – Ben Ohmart
• German Paradise Mallorca – Martin von Muenchen
• The Count of Chanteleine – Jules Verne
• Welcome Foolish Mortals – Ben Ohmart
• Murder In Babylon – Michael B. Druxman
• The Scientific Worldview – Glenn Borchardt, Ph.D
• You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To – edited by Ben Ohmart
• The Bickersons' Love Letters – John and Blanche Bickerson


"I had a very specific project with a very specific need - a voice that sounded like Paul Frees. Little did I know that his son, Fred, was available - I'm so glad I found him! Fred is extremely professional and incredibly talented. I couldn't be more thrilled with his work."

Todd Mitchell
Car designer
"I worked with Fred Frees on a power-point presentation for my book, The Universal Cycle Theory. Fred's narration was exactly what I wanted -- being both descriptive and personable. I will definitely ask Fred to work with me on upcoming projects."

Steve Puetz
"Thank you for such a great masterpiece! Your final production was simply amazing-a great piece of art! We loved your intonations and vibrant quality. The listeners will simply love the production! Thank you for being our producer. You are amazingly talented, and we are blessed to have you as our producer!"

Hermit Kingdom Press
On "
German Paradise Mallorca: A Funny Telling" audiobook
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